The point of no return!

Greenland 2017

Welcome to the site for the 2017 British Stauning Alps Expedition to Greenland. As a collection of friends who each bring a different set of skills, abilities, motivations and desires, we’re looking to inspire others, research climate change and explore untouched summits.

Our proposed journey of a life time is a scientific / exploratory / inspirational expedition to the Stauning Alps in Central-Eastern Greenland. This 4-week expedition up the Roslin Glacier and down the Bjornbo Glacier will take us to places never before visited by humans.

Getting to our intended destination (via a twin-otter ski plane and multi-day snowmobile trip), travelling around the frozen landscape (via skis and alpine climbing) and surviving in the extreme conditions (temperatures down to -25oC) poses a great challenge. Our independent and self-organised trip will see us travelling on skis pulling all our own gear, food and shelter for the duration of our expedition.

Check out our 3D interactive map of our route and the terrain…click to explore:

The well-known polar expeditions led by famous explorers such as Shackleton, Franklin, Nansen and Scott all had strong scientific elements. We want to carry out our expedition in the same spirit, driven by the desire to explore, research and inspire. Our expedition is planned in the spirit of those carried out in the 1970’s and presents an interesting narrative on the links between science and mountaineering – one which we hope to rekindle. Explore our site to find out more…

Please see Our Supporters  if you’d like to support our expedition. We are entirely supported by our own savings, small grants from trusts & foundations and are now in the final push to reach our target.