Feeling on top of the world

Our Objectives

The objective of our expedition is three-fold:

  • To Explore; the central Staunings Alps region which is incredibly remote, many of the valleys in the area have never been visited. We aim to travel on skis throughout our expedition and gain first ascents on unclimbed peaks.



  • To Research; to develop our understanding of the impact that climate change is having, we need to know more about the ice loss from the glaciers of Greenland. We aim to provide land-based scientific measurements that can be used in conjunction with satellite imagery to improve climatic models of the area. This will enhance our understanding, as improved models will give better estimates of future ice loss and sea level rises.



  • To Inspire; Jesse, one of the team is disabled. He suffers from a genetic eye condition which means he’s almost blind. Despite this, he forms an integral part of the team participating on an equal footing (he is our most experienced skier!). We feel it’s important to show that in spite of the difficulties some of us must face, where there is hard work and determination, great challenges and adventures can be achieved.



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