Data Collection – Scott Polar Research Institute

Alistair ventured down to the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge to rummage through the archives to find the reports/data from the 1970’s expeditions. He had mixed success…

All the reports were found and scanned – we still need to go through these in more detail, however we now know exactly where the stakes were placed.

stake locations

Short term (27th Jul – 14th Aug 1970) measurements of stake movement are presented and ablation is briefly discussed with some results presented in the 1970 report. Unfortunately these are all short term measurements from a single year, the subsequent reports generally discuss the work which was done, but don’t include a full set of results. The 1974 report does include some results on stake movement, and also a few sheets with the velocity results from ’70-’73, no ablation measurements though.

Roslin Profile

At least we now know what data was collected, and the velocity measurements may prove interesting! We’ve also managed to get in touch with someone who was involved in the expeditions during the 70’s, so hopefully they might be able to put us in contact with someone who still has copies of the results. We suspect they’re probably sat in a filing cabinet somewhere!

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