1972 pic

Contact made with the 1970s Expedition Team

John Thorogood sent Molly an email, interested to find out more about our route and plans, and we’re extremely glad he did!

John was up there on the Roslin Glacier in 1972 and subsequent years to resurvey the stakes that were installed by the 1970 team. This is hugely exciting to be able discuss the work that was carried out and to share knowledge about the area. For old time’s sake he also flew over the area in 2014 and was really struck by just how much the glacier had receded in its lower sections. However, the upper reaches looked very much the same as 45 years ago.

Check some of the photos out below:

1972_2014 Pic

1972 Pic_2

We’re now more hopeful of tracking down the remaining results that currently elude us. Massive thanks to John for assisting us with what we hope will be a truly worthwhile trip!

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