Finalising our Gear for shipping

Time off over the festive period has been put to good use with finalising our equipment & food lists and redistributing kit from all over the country to our temporary gear store in Loughborough.

Santa must have been tipped off about our up and coming trip to the Arctic and as we’ve all been good boys and girls he was very kind this year! The general theme was insulation – thick socks, thermos flasks, mitts, sleeping mats etc. Our shipping deadline is fast approaching and kit is starting to get packed up which is making it all feel more real now!

Jen has been busy contacting many gear manufactures and organising our equipment and we’re now in possession of a huge box of down goodies! She is also our chief medical officer and has put a comprehensive list of first aid and medical supplies together to ensure we’re covered for most eventualities..

Safety first..
Safety first..

Ollie has been negotiating with several dehydrated food suppliers to get us the highest calorie to weight ratio packs for the best price. The food packs have now been ordered and we have a surprising 9(!) different evening meals. He is also our spares and repairs handyman and has put together an ingenious list of tools and materials to fix any gear that may break!

Thanks to Be-Well for all their help!

Alistair has been getting our science kit together and putting his painting skills to the test! We now have colour coded poles with holes pre-drilled to use as our stakes. He is also sorting out a training camp in Tromso for late Feb…to test out some of our gear and polish up our skills etc.

Science can be colourful!

Jesse has been doing some sums and working out our sea freight logistics. 300kg of stuff needs to leave the UK on 7th Feb (2 months before we arrive in Greenland). What gear can be shipped early? Locating cardboard boxes and crates. Labelling and packing…

Jesse testing out his down sleeping bag and new eye mask!

 Molly has been trawling the supermarkets finding the most calorie dense food and building a menu around our dehy meals. Nuts, oat cakes, chocolate and dried fruit feature in quite high quantities. Between the 5 of us it looks like we’ll be taking a total of about 165kg of food, which equates to circa. 4,500kcal per day!

Powdered tea has been tested (tastes like wet cardboard), it will not be coming with us..!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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