Expedition Food

Food, food, glorious food…

All our food needs to be shipped out 2 months before we arrive in Greenland – coming up with a menu has not been an easy task. Our requirements include:

  • Best before date beyond the 4th May
  • High calorie, low weight
  • ~4500kcal/day/person
  • Edible when frozen
  • Suitably packaged
  • Requiring only the addition of hot water

A freezer test was conducted to ensure all the food we’d selected would be ok when frozen! Mars bars were struck off the list!

The freezer test

After much discussion we finalised our menu a couple of weeks ago. We decided on having dehydrated packs for evening meals and our own menu for breakfasts, snacks and lunches as a compromise between ease of cooking and cost.

Our extensive menu, day by day

We have gone for three varieties of breakfast on a rotation, based on porridge, granola and cereal bars. Snacks consist of chocolate bars, nuts, cheese biscuits, pork scratchings, peperami, pretzels, snack bars and sweets. Lunches will mainly be oat cakes, primula cheese, jerky and cuppa soups.

5 people, 31 days

Shopping for all these items has been more fun than we’d imagined. 5 different supermarkets and 9 shopping visits later, we have purchased all our food. Trolley loads of unhealthy food raised several eye brows especially in January (the detox month!).

Banana chips and peanuts individually packed

To save us having to divvy the food up each day in the freezing cold in Greenland, we thought we’d make up ration packs at home.  Hopefully all our preparation upfront will prove beneficial! Weighing out individual portions of porridge, snacks etc. is quite time consuming but will be worth it. We now have 3 different ration packs A, B and C to provide variety, which will be handed out each morning…simples!

Ration packs

Our dehydrated packs have arrived in the post, so we’re all set to go! It’s becoming more real day by day.. Exciting times!

Dehydrated food packs

I think we’ll be craving fresh fruit and veg when we get back…

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  1. Probably too late now, but always ask to talk to the manager and ask for a donations of food or at least a big discount if buying large quantities for an expedition like this. I did remind Alistair we got lots of free Easter eggs this way when we did an Easter egg raffle to raise money for his visit to Gozo.

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