Mapping and High Resolution Imagery

We’ve been awarded a grant for high-res imagery from @DigitalGlobeFDN! We’ll use it to plan a safe route avoiding crevasses & other hazards.


The imagery is really important to our expedition. We will use summer imagery to identify areas of crevasses, deep surface stream channels and other hazards which may be covered by snow and less visible from on the ground. This will help us move safely across the glacier and identify the best locations for installing ablation stakes and measuring the snow properties on the glacier. The high resolution of the imagery should also make it easier to identify potential routes and access to some of the peaks we intend to climb.

There’s a mixture of summer and winter images and they’re 0.5m resolution, so we should be able to use them to pick out comfy looking rocks to sit and have lunch on!

We’ve also teamed up with Satmap, they have kindly offered to loan us some of their GPS units loaded with all this information!downloadTogether with Satmap Systems Ltd and Digital Globe FDN we’ll be extremely well prepared.

A massive thanks to @DigitalGlobeFDN and Satmap!


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