Collecting Awards #Pioneers with purpose

Not a week went by following our return from Greenland, before leaving home again…for more excitement – The Scientific Exploration Society (SES) Awards ceremony hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons in London. What an evening it was – so many exploring legends!

What a huge privilege to meet Sir Charles Blois. Photo by Mark Nox.

The SES Charles Blois Explorer Award was created to support a ‘Pioneer with Purpose’ undertaking an adventurous expedition with strong physical requirements in a challenging environment which aims to produce new science (physical or anthropological) – somebody who endeavours to go ‘one step further’ on their exploration of scientific research, remoteness or innovative recreation of a past journey or discovery.

It was a huge honour to win this award and to meet Sir Charles in person. We can’t thank him enough, without his generous support, expeditions like ours just couldn’t happen! A big thank you from the whole team!

Nervously presenting to a full auditorium! Photo by Mark Nox

Meeting the other award winners and hearing all about their up and coming adventures was fantastic- I wish them all the best and will follow their progress with great interest.

Leatherman generously gave all us award winners a new ‘Sidekick’ multi tool with the following message: Since pretty much day one Leatherman has been supporting explorers by providing kit to the likes of Sir David Hempleman-Adams, Ben Saunders and Leo Houlding to name a few. Leathermans are tools for real life and we hope that the gift we’ve given, assists you on your adventures in the years to come. We’d also like to congratulate you on the bravery and commitment you have all shown to receive these awards, and wish you luck on your upcoming trips.

A big thanks to Leatherman – hopefully I won’t need it for any frost bitten amputations!

My new Leatherman 'Sidekick' - thanks!
My new Leatherman ‘Sidekick’ – thanks!

I was asked a few times where I was planning to go next and what was my next adventure going to be…I need to let my toes finish defrosting and for my brain to get back into gear before thinking about that! No doubt there’ll be many more adventures!

In the coming months we’ll be going through our thousands of photographs and video footage and putting an extensive expedition report together. More busy months ahead…




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