Starting to pull together our maps

The Plan

Our proposed Greenland Stauning Alps Expedition 2017 is starting to take more shape. A lot of work is going into planning – just getting there is an adventure! Below is a summary of the details so far…

From home to base camp:

  • Fly from the UK to Iceland (Reykjavik).
  • Overland travel from Reykjavik to Akureyri airport in North Iceland.
  • Charter plane from Akureyri to Constable Point in Greenland on 5th April 2017.
  • From Constable Point, use a team of 5 Tangent snowmobiles to transport ourselves and our kit to our intended start point at the base of the Roslin Glacier, Stauning Alps.
  • From the base of the Roslin Glacier will we get on our skis and continue the trip pulling all our gear on pulks.

Twin OtterTwin Otter plane that will take us to Greenland

We will have just over 3 weeks to explore on skis. Due to the exploratory nature of this trip and not knowing the terrain we will encounter, we need to be flexible with our route and our summit attempts. An outline of our proposed routes is below:Expedition Route

A previous expedition that attempted this route:

“made the call that the circuit up the Roslin and down the Bjornbo was too unknown to attempt in the time available”

However, we have a little more time and believe its achievable.

The options of base camps shown above should give us access to a huge amount of surrounding peaks and unexplored little glaciers. Our plans from here on will be very much based on what looks awesome to climb and the weather conditions. We envisage the initial few days getting established on the Roslin Glacier to be tough going, but once on the main glacier the ski touring should be straight forward.  Entering a world where few people have ever climbed or ski toured will be a true adventure. Check out our 3D map.

Our scientific measurements shall be taken at intervals along the Roslin Glacier and after completing our objectives we will be heading back down the Bjørnbo Glacier.

Our kit:

  • Standard check in baggage for our flights between UK and Constable Point, 20kg per person & 6kg hand luggage.
  • All expedition food, equipment and skis etc. will be sent in advance as sea and air freight. Allowance includes 60kg per person, freight from the UK (total 300kg for 5 people). After consumption of approximately 30kg per person of food this is reduced to 30kg per person for the returning group kit (total 150kg)!


  • Specialist kit as well as our skiing, climbing and camping stuff will include: pulk sleds, group survival shelter, snow shovels, emergency flares, PLB (emergency locator beacon), rifle & ammunition (Polar Bear deterrent), VHF air band radio, satellite telephone & solar re-charging system, medical & first aid kit, crevasse rescue equipment, general spares and repair kit.

Daylight and weather:

There will be approximately 16 hours of daylight at the start of the expedition, increasing to full 24 hour daylight by the end.

According to experienced Greenland expedition leaders, the southern Stauning Alps region typically enjoys good periods of stable weather during April/May, largely protected from the prevailing northerly winds by range upon range of mountains forming the central massif to the north. Up to a half a metre of snow over a few days is also possible. The sun will be quite strong at this time of year and typical day time / night time temperatures will range between -5 and -25 degrees C.

Expedition Food:

We’re planning on having a mix of expedition dehydrated food packs for evening meals and our own menu of supermarket supplies for breakfast, snacks and lunches. We have an extensive spreadsheet of lots of different foods and their contents – kcals and weights (g). An average of 4,500kcal per person per day should keep us going without losing too much weight throughout the expedition. A total of 165kg of food!

Check back as we update with more details…