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Twenty Twelve, Review Of My Recovery

So twenty twelve started with a snap – quite literally as I broke my leg skiing – so how did I get on for the rest of the year and what did I learn?

First steps on the road to recovery were taken pretty quickly. Managing to get out of the house quite regularly and perfecting hopping at speed. As a positive it also turns out that being on crutches is also good for recovering from golfers elbow, and sorting out some of the in-balances in the muscles in my arms. I took the first few weeks off from the climbing wall as well, not really wanting to risk worsening the injury so instead set my heart on completing as many of the exercises given to me by my physio as I could. This started with some easy stretching, progressed onto gentile cycling before trying more impact based activity such as hopping and running. For the first time in a while I signed up to the Gym and started spinning classes and weights. After those initial couple weeks I was back indoor climbing again.

By April I’d managed to recover enough to get outdoors again. A few short walks around leafy Surrey before a trip up to Snowdonia to get back into the mountains I’d been craving to visit again. It felt amazing to rediscover the hills after so long between trips. We decided to go and tackle some easy routes on the east face of Tryfan to make the most of the sunny but cold weather. My fitness was good but my leg wasn’t as flexible as before and going down was hard slow and painful work. All in all it was a great weekend and motivated me even more to get back to full fitness.

Tryfan East Face
Emma climbing Pinnacle Rib on Tryfan

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