Winter Skills

winter skills

Winter in the Scottish highlands is an amazing time. The hills are capped with snow, the light dapples the mountains and valleys. It is truly magical. Winter walking on the paths and mountains at this time of year also comes with a unique set of challenges. I provide winter skills courses to help you overcome these in a safe and fun manner.

What winter skills are covered?

I cover all the skills needed to get out in the winter mountains safely. These can include the items below depending on conditions and group ability.

  • Navigation & Route Choice
  • Weather
  • Equipment
  • Footwork on snow
  • Using Crampons
  • Ice Axe Use
  • Understanding Snow & Avoiding Avalanche
  • Shelter Building

If you have a particular skill or challenge you’d like to work on then I can help.

Why me?

Get a personal touch with each winter skills course at a lower than average ratio of one instructor to a maximum of four clients.  By booking a course with me you guarantee a flexible approach to meet your aspirations; I’ve experience working throughout the highlands in a wide range of weather conditions, and with a wide range of individuals. I believe in a quality experience without a hefty price tag so I offer an industry standard pricing and I’m happy to price match any equivalent course on a like for like basis.

Why Scotland?

All my winter skills courses are run in the Scottish Highlands. This gives the best chance of good snow conditions throughout the season. Scotland also allows for an incredible variety of venues from the towering ridges of the North West Highlands through to the Arctic plateaux of the Cairngorm’s and everything in between. Finally, it’s not as far as you think; cheap flights are available from major cities to Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness.

If you don’t want a course in Scotland, I can run courses in the Lake District or North Wales however these are very conditions dependant. Please contact me directly with your request.

What do I need to do to find out more?

Click on one of the courses below to find out more and check available dates.

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Showing all 4 results