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Advanced Scrambling

From: £300.00 Price £150 per day for 1 to 2 people.

Learn the rope-work, equipment, movement skills, route finding and much more to have the true freedom of the hills. Advanced scrambling is a great course for climbers or adventurous walkers alike. With between two and five days of training there’s enough time for you to learn and practice your skills in a real environment.

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Scrambling fills the grey area between walks and climbing. I often refer to it as mountaineering, as fundamentally that’s what it is. It’s about carrying the bare minimum of equipment to make steep ground safe and enjoyable. This advanced scrambling course covers all the techniques including the use of a rope and equipment.

This course is for anyone who wants to become a mountaineer. You might be a climber who would like to learn how to move quickly but safely over easy ground or you could be a walker who’s tried a few scrambles and wants to get onto steep ground.

Content for the course will include:

  • Navigation and planning
  • Route finding, guidebooks and grades
  • Steep ground movement skills
  • Equipment
  • Ropework
  • Anchor selection
  • Descent

As well as much, much more. To give you an idea of what we can cover the excellent British Mountaineering Council (BMC) scrambling videos found at can provide an insight into what’s covered. Of course these provide no substitute to hands on tuition.

Accommodation is not included.

Locations for the course will be discussed upon booking. Should we not be able to agree a suitable destination you’ll not be charged.

Please select between two and five days for your course.

Additional Information


Hill walking fitness – scrambling is a physical activity so you should expect to be able to complete a day in the hills. If you have any concerns over this please get in touch.


Waterproof Jacket, Waterproof Trousers, Hat, Gloves, Fleece / Jumper, Sturdy Boots, Rucksack (40l), Food and Drink, Map and Compass, Headtorch (especially in winter)


Snowdonia, The Lake District, Scotland


9am each day


5pm each day


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