Terms and Conditions

Assumed Risk and Responsibility

Mountaineering and paddle-sports are inherently dangerous activities. While every sensible measure will be taken to minimise risk top participants, not all risks can be mitigated. By signing up to take part in one of the activities on this site you are accepting a personal responsibility for your actions and the effect of those on others. In extreme circumstances this may result in serious injury or death. If you do not understand this statement or have any questions regarding risk and the activities on offer please discuss this with me or the instructor you are with.

Medical Declaration

Before taking part in any activity it is your responsibility to complete an honest medical declaration. This is so I or another instructor involved in the activity can provide a level of safety and comfort for you. This information is kept private and in most cases will have little or no impact on your ability to take part in the activity. I do however reserve the right to refuse to undertake the activity if necessary and can take no responsibility for any existing medical conditions.


Taking the appropriate equipment on any activity is necessary for your safety. If the equipment you have is not suitable I reserve the right to refuse to run the activity. Where possible we will attempt to provide replacements for any equipment you don’t have and can provide recommendations for the equipment to purchase before your trip.


I recommend that you take out insurance to cover third party liability and any costs associated with travel / equipment loss during the course. If travelling from abroad I would also recommend taking out the usual medical and travel cover appropriate to the UK. While it is very unlike you will need to use this insurance it can give piece of mind. For British citizens the British Mountaineering Council provide excellent third party cover to members. You can join up here. Any profits also go to insure that mountain areas remain free for us to access. A very worthy cause.

As an individual running courses I hold professional insurance through the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and provided by Perkins Slade. The policy details can be found by following the link below.

Insurance Policy

With regards to paddle-sports coaching I’m a member of the BCU and covered for third party liability insurance through the membership.

It is understood that having insurance does not remove the risk from these sports.


Some activities, courses or course locations require a minimum number of participants to run effectively. Activities can also be adversely effected by the weather. Though I will try my hardest to run a course/activity under a given set of circumstances I reserve the right to cancel the course. Should I cancel the course you will receive a full refund of any course costs already paid.

From time to time I might be unable to run a specific course myself due to unforeseen circumstances. When this is the case I will endeavour to find another instructor I’m confident will give you a wonderful experience. If this happens I will make you aware who the instructor is running the course and give you the option to cancel your booking should you desire. A refund of any course fees already paid will be given if you decide to cancel otherwise the course will go ahead as planned.

I also offer you the right to cancel the course/activity for any reason up and until 14 days before the start date of the course. After this date I will require the place to be taken on the course/activity either by yourself or by a replacement participant. If no participant can be found within 14 days of the course starting you will be charged for the course in all other cases you will receive a full refund of the course costs.

Courses/Activities on this site do not include any form of paid accommodation within the cost. If you would like information regarding local camp-sites, B&B’s or hotels I can normally provide recommendations. If you would like me to book/arrange accommodation for you there will be a small administration charge on top of the cost of the accommodation.

Enjoyment Guarantee

I’m confident you will enjoy the courses on this site. In fact I’m so confident I’m willing to offer an enjoyment guarantee. Should you not be satisfied with the course you’ve just completed I will give you a free one to one replacement course of your choosing at a mutually agreeable time and location.